Mental Health Freedom!


We want to help you have Mental Health Freedom.

We are a Christian Counseling Practice that works with you in therapy to find healing, hope, life, growth, peace, purpose and FREEDOM!

Life is a Team Sport! None of us were ever meant to do it alone. That’s why we provide coaching and Biblical counseling that helps each person take meaningful steps to freedom. Each step is a memorial stone to God’s amazing grace, each one stacked on top of the other until it is a monument of Freedom and Hope for the Future!

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Why Stack Stones?

Someone asked me once, “Why do you stack rocks?” I stack stones for seven reasons: Guidance, Therapy, Balance, Plan, Memorial, Freedom, and Hope for the Future.


I can thank my wife, Susanne, for introducing me to stacking rocks. When we first met, twenty-nine years ago, we hiked in Northern Michigan and I saw stacks of rocks on trailheads in the woods. I asked her, “What do those stones mean?” She explained that rangers and hikers alike used stacks of rocks to give guidance to those who are lost to find their way. I tried my hand at stacking rocks and I was hooked! In the years following I stacked rocks wherever I went.*

*for the rest of the story click here to read the blog:

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Take Action

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